Thursday, June 28, 2007

STF Band Juara


2nd : SIGS
3rd : School from Kluang


Spirit, Solid, Smart!

The day..

Hari ni hari 'keramat' untuk ahli2 pancaragam Sekolah Tun Fatimah. Hari ini, tanggal 28hb Jun 2007, akan berlangsung pertandingan pancaragam bagi peringkat negeri Johor. Pfftt. Sebenarnya,bukan ahli2 pancaragam sahaja yang terasa bahangnya, bekas2 ahli pancaragam turut merasakan perkara yang sama. Goosebumps!

Believe me or not, pagi tadi lapar ya amat b4 sampai ke office. Sampai ke office, on pc, popupreminder luas terbentang depan mata. Damn! 'Band comp arini'. Terus hilang selera. *Mcm kite plaknak bertanding :p* Yang sedihnye, sekarang ni, Band Comp selalu diadakan pada hari2 weekdays, bukanlagi weekend macam dulu2. Boring betol! Macam mane nak p sokong? I remembered in the year 2002/2003, masa National Comp, ramai Srikandi yang turun sokong coz it was on the weekend. Seronok la sket.

Masih terasa-rasa the time when we were going for band comp. That was 13 years ago, aite Inaleem? Rase nak demam pon ade. Pagi petang siang malam la pektis. Dgn 1 tujuan - we want to win! 'Musuh'tradisi STF - SIGS disebut2 sebagai juara mase tu. Ye la. SIGS band mmg glamer kat Johor.Although STF boleh dikatakan glamer jugak mase tu, *sbb byk la jugak wat performance*, tp SIGS mmg disebut2 la sbg Johan.

Sebelom kami bertolak, we did another round of practice @ hockey field. Our batch turun beramai2 bagisupport la kat we all. Perghh.. The pressure was damn.. Tak boleh nak gambarkan mase tu. We were shoutingto the juniors dlm line. Sorang2 muke mcm harimau, singa sumer ada. Pressure!

We arrived @ Dataran Bandaraya dan terus solat Zohor. Sambil tu dah denga dah band2 skolah lain warm up.There were SIGS, SDJ, skool from Segamat, and ade lagi 1 skool. Tak silap mase tu we all perform no 4 b4 SIGS. The skool from Segamat starts first. SDJ dgn api2 lagi. Then finally it was our turn to perform. Masuk padang, then the rest was history. That year, was the 1st time we all use American style marching. Tak sepenuhnya tp ade la march ala2 ketam sumer tu. Lenguh ok!

The time has finally come for the result. STF dok kat belah kiri skali. EC boys were standing rite next to me.'Kak.. kak.. anak buah akak nangis tu' I was numb to be honest. Numb coz I dunno our faith. Numb coz SIGS was good too. And yes, anak2 buah percussionist, ade yg nangis. Tatau la nangis takut ke ape. 'STF menang ni kak. Dun worry' Sib baik la aku dlm baris, kalau tak mau aku hempok aje mamat ni. But hey, thank u for believing in STF! Hehehe. When the announcer announced SIGS as the runner up, makin la berdebar2 jantung ini. And yes, kita ditabalkan juara pada tahun itu. Feels like touching the sky.

My wish for today is, for STF to regain the Championship title. Though we, the Srikandi Band were unable toattend the event, doa kami sentiasa bersama2 STF band. I believe fellow Srikandi will pray for the gals too. Baru atau lama, dulu atau sekarang, the spirit within never change.

Spirit, Solid, Smart!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Marching Band Competition State level Johor

Event: Marching Band Competition for Johor.Whoever wins will replace Johor to Nationals
Date/Day: 28/06/2007 , Thursday
Time: 1400hrs
Where: At our very own Astaka (padang bawah for yang tak sure)

Marilah kita beramai-remam pergi menyokonng.Bagi Srikandi yang di Johor, STF would appreciate if you all could drop by to support.

All the best to the girls!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Waiting on the World to Change

You know how you never really spoke to that particular senior when you were at STF, because you both moved in different circles? And then you bump into them in a city somewhere and suddenly there exists a bond beyond just seeing a fellow Malaysian in a foreign land - here's a face you actually know and share something beyond nationality, ethnicity and an equal love for nasi lemak! I think being abroad does that to you; and funnily enough, there are more Srikandis that I went to STF with doing the expat thing abroad than I initially expected. (The Class of 93 seems to have dibs on Britain, for some reason... )

Deciding to move abroad isn't as easy as the idea of wanting to move abroad makes it seem to be. There are perks - better pay is almost a given, but you actually do reach a point where money can't make all the other things that nag on go away. A friend of mine once happened to sit next to a Malaysian businessman on the bus in London - he moved to London for business reasons, but went home every month for a few days to see to his family. Best of both worlds, thought my friend and proceeded to tell him so; Not quite, he replied. You will reach a point where you've been abroad for so long, you pine for your roots. If you're lucky, they might still be there if you decide to go back. If not, you may have lost them forever. Whenever I reflect on this I think I get his point more and more.

But however well you speak the language, however embedded their dry wit and obsession of the weather is within you, for every minute that you live abroad, you are always on the outside looking in. There are constant reminders everywhere that you are not one of them even though as a Malaysian you can vote in the British local and general elections. And that as a non-permanent resident your taxes goes back into a benefit system you have no right to claim; and therefore, irony of ironies, it is your hand that feeds the mouths of the unemployed yobs who give you grief on the streets and tell you to go home.

So if you miss home (which I do), why move and pursue a career abroad? The old adage, hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebih baik negeri sendiri, must have some truth in it or it would not have endured the years; although part of me thinks it was really coined by a trader in the olden days who was miffed that he had to return to the Malay Peninsular while his mates were living it up in Portugal, Goa, the Arabs or wherever.

But back to the question, and while I refuse to speak for everyone, for me my move abroad was a culmination of many circumstances and many events. I suppose deep down inside I had always wanted to return to the country where I grew up, but that was mostly a nostalgic element, not unlike wishing I was young enough to do STF all over again. It doesn't take long to realise that Britain in the 1980's is nothing like what it is today. [For starters Liverpool are useless and Man United are actually winning!]

It was the small, small things that made me decide to move here. Things like, having personal space. Being able to come in to work in my jeans and t-shirt. Having options, making choices. Responsibility for myself coming first before responsibility for others, however selfish that may seem. The fact that I had limited roots and committments, save a car, back home helped. It's easier when you have nothing tying you down like that. No mortgage, no man, no kids.

I get accusations of selfishness and arrogance from certain parties when they find out I work abroad; they tell me that I am sombong and I think I am too good for Malaysia, and that I am not contributing to building the country. I admit I am selfish, because I put my own personal needs first. But I think it's unfair to say that I don't contribute. At the barest minimum there is foreign currency flowing in from my pockets into the Malaysian economy. But on top of that I still engage with Malaysia and Malaysians back home. Perhaps not exactly in the same way that some people would like, but I think I chip in a tolerable amount into the collective nation-building pot.

Contribution, after all, is an all-encompassing concept. Coming from a school like STF, I've always believed that collectively as a group, we Srikandis were meant to affect change. That the buck does not stop after you graduate, get married and have kids (preferably in that order). Sure, not every one of us will be the Zeti Akhtars of the world, but you don't need to pitch in at the macro level to make a difference. We were all born with roles; and even at the micro level, as a mother, sister or aunt there is always positive change to be made.

Or so I think. But what do I know, right? I haven't even hit 30 yet.

Idlan Rabihah Zakaria, SPM '94

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lunch time IS the time

Nowadays, every moment seems to be important and urgent. Sigh. It is hard to be a grown up, isn't it?

Looking back, I remember the time when I thought life was difficult because I had to complete a pile of homework and had to go without my afternoon nap since I [or shall I say we?] had to go for prep. Yes, it was difficult but it was somewhat less important. Hehe

I think [for melah kan], the most important time then was when the clock struck 1 "something something", triggering that big red bell's ringing, indicating that it was lunch time. Especially important was Tuesday: masak lemak cili api on the menu. Perhaps for the Fivers it was not a big deal since they didn't have to share the line with other the other formers but for the lower formers, lunch time was a very big deal. What else could compensate the sorrow of being away from parents and err...fierce looking seniors? Food of course!

Being in the second form meant that we had to share the lunch line with the first formers. My experience was not that pleasant since we were still lacking of etiquette and liked to berebut-rebut to get the senduk. Ok, I have to apologise for mixing the language but I can't help it, it gives me more "feel". Hehe. So anyway, there was this one day when, as usual, the line was long and the day was extremely hot [ok maybe I’m making up some extra effect here but never mind]. Our previous lesson's teacher had also failed to release us early which helps explain how this certain incident happened.

I always think second formers regardless of batch were a bit gangster.

Since the queue was long and we didn't feel like joining it, we, the whole class just cut the line and invaded the rice ... err... the rice pot or bekas nasi.

So, it was my friend [S] who was so brave: she snatched the senduk from a first former who I shall name Q. But Q was not just any first former. She would not let herself be treated that way without a fight. Instead of letting the senduk go, she hardened her grip on it and refused to loosen it. Everyone could see that these girls were obviously fighting over a senduk nasi. This incident went on for a few minutes until Q finally let go of the senduk.

I thought it was over. Yeay, victory to us and we could eat rice with yummy lauk. But to my horror, S who was probably feeling geram, held the senduk high and suddenly knocked the senduk on Q’s head.


I am telling you, I still can hear her yelling the word adoi!

While she was busy rubbing her head, we the second formers, flocked to scoop our share of rice, completely ignoring her and the rest of the first formers.

Yes, I know. It was a mean thing to do. Hehe [ops] but I am not saying I am proud of it. No, of course not, yet somehow when I think of this incident, it will never fail to make me smile.

Today, S is pursuing a master's degree and teaches primary-school kids… and is also a disciplinary teacher [gasp]. She sometimes tells me that now she understands how our teachers felt back then when we decided to take the rules into our hands. What happened to Q, I am not that sure but the last I heard, she is completing her ACCA.

Both of them get along well without any problems. These days.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Al-Fatihah for our sister

As per the latest news, Sis Zailan Jamaluddin has passed away on Saturday the 6th at 3.30pm at
Pantai Medical Center. Jenazah sudah dikebumikan semalam di Cheras. Kak
Zailan meninggalkan suami dan 6 anak, 2 girls and 4 boys, youngest is an
8 year old girl.

Al- Fatihah utk Sis Zailan...


(Emailed received from Sist Wan Hasmemi Wan Ismail)

R2V- Our Head coach , Mr Liew.

Apart from our news in The Star, our Head coach, Mr.Liew ,was also the limelight of the day. The article was written by Dato' Sarp, one of the MC Old Boy wo has never failed to be at the side of the basketball court every year during HKSBP finals.

Mr Liew, as per written in K.Ana's email earlier, was the basketball 'Tok Bomoh' who helped TF Dynamites to get back our tropy after 16 years. And yes, this year it is a history as both teams MC Cagers and TF Dynamites, under his guidance and coaching, managed to win both trophies. And, not only he stressed on the seriousness of the basketball game, he also stressed the importance of studying and achieving excellent results on the players.

The excerpt below taken from Berita Harian, Saturday 9th June 2007.

Perspektif: Jurulatih sukarela mampu bentuk pasukan berjaya

PERTANDINGAN bola keranjang lelaki Sekolah Berasrama Penuh (SBP) Piala Hamdan Tahir ke-32 di Sekolah Menengah Sains Kota Tinggi yang berakhir 31 Mei lalu berkesudahan dengan keputusan yang dijangka dari awal, iaitu Kolej Melayu Kuala Kangsar (MCKK) menang perlawanan akhir dengan menewaskan Sekolah Menengah Sains Seremban (SASER) 103-62.

Pertandingan itu dimulakan pada 1974 dan kecuali pada 1998-1999, ia diadakan setiap tahun. Dalam tempoh itu, pasukan MCKK yang menggelar dirinya Cagers paling banyak menjadi johan, iaitu 12 kali, di samping empat kali menjadi naib johan.

Ini diikuti Maktab Tentera Diraja Sungai Besi (RMC) yang menjadi johan sebanyak lima kali dan naib johan 10 kali dan Sekolah Datuk Abdul Razak (SDAR) yang menjadi johan lima kali dan naib johan tiga kali.

Cagers satu-satunya yang menang tiga tahun berturut-turut dua kali, iaitu pada 1981-1983 dan 2004-2006. Pasukan lain yang pernah menang tiga tahun berturut-turut ialah SDAR, iaitu pada 1974-1976.

Dengan kemenangannya kali ini, Cagers satu-satunya yang pernah menang empat tahun berturut-turut, iaitu pada 2004-2007.

Dalam 20 tahun pertama pertandingan ini (1974-1993), Cagers menjadi johan lapan kali dan naib johan tiga kali. Pada tahun tidak memasuki pertandingan akhir, ia sekurang-kurangnya layak ke separuh akhir. Kerana prestasinya yang luar biasa itu, Piala Hamdan Tahir yang asal dihadiahkan untuk simpanan Cagers.

Apakah rahsia kecemerlangan Cagers? Jawapan ialah jurulatihnya, Liew Yong Choon. Anak Kuala Kangsar ini graduan Universiti Malaya, menyertai Polis Diraja Malaysia sebagai kadet Asisten Superintendan (ASP) pada 1975 dan bersara pilihan sebagai Senior Asisten Komisioner (SAC) pada 1997.

Beliau pemain Perak (1968), Exco Persatuan Bola Keranjang Amatur Malaysia (MABA) pada 1980 dan Naib Presidennya (1987-1989) serta pengurus pasukan bola keranjang lelaki Malaysia (1988-1989).

Pada 1988, pasukannya menewaskan pasukan Olimpik Korea Selatan di kejohanan Piala William Jones di Taiwan, manakala di Sukan Sea 1989, selepas hampir 20 tahun tidak memenangi pingat emas, pasukannya berjaya memenanginya dan ia juga kali terakhir bagi kita setakat ini.

Liew diundang melatih Cagers mulai 1974, iaitu sebelum Piala Hamdan Tahir yang pertama di mana Cagers menduduki tempat ketiga, iaitu di belakang SDAR dan RMC.

Mulai saat itu, Liew yang ketika itu bertugas di Kuala Lumpur berulang alik untuk melatih Cagers. Beliau berehat pada 1988-1989 untuk menjadi pengurus pasukan Malaysia. Beliau kembali melatih Cagers pada 1992-1993 sebelum berehat panjang.

Dalam tempoh 20 tahun itu (1974-1993), Liew menjadi jurulatih secara sukarela, iaitu tanpa imbuhan. Bukan kerana MCKK atau Persatuan Murid-Murid Tua MCKK (MCOBA) tidak menghulurkan apa-apa. Tetapi kerana beliau tidak mahu menerima apa-apa. Sebalik, beliau banyak membelanjakan duitnya sendiri untuk Cagers.

Ketika ketiadaan Liew selama 10 tahun (1994-2003), Cagers menjadi naib johan pada 1994 dan pada 1995 hanya layak ke separuh akhir. Pada 2003, Liew kembali melatih Cagers. Bekas Cagers menubuhkan Quest 4 Glory (Q4G) yang lengkap dengan tabung membiayai keperluan Cagers. Tetapi Liew enggan menerima apa-apa. Sasaran Q4G ialah menjadi johan mulai 2005, iaitu sempena ulang tahun ke-100 MCKK. Kehebatan Liew membolehkan Cagers menjadi johan setahun lebih awal, pada 2004.

Kini, Cagers tidak terhad dalam SBP. Ia juga disegani di Perak dan Pulau Pinang. Pada 2005, ia diundang menyertai pertandingan bola keranjang tahunan di Sungai Siput, Perak, dan menjadi pasukan luar yang pertama menjuarainya. Pada 2006, Cagers satu-satunya pasukan luar diundang ke pertandingan bola keranjang bawah 16 tahun Pulau Pinang.

Liew membina Cagers mempunyai sikap betul. Mereka bermain seperti profesional – menguasai kemahiran asas yang tinggi, mematuhi strategi dan taktik yang ditentukan, berstamina, berdisiplin, komited, bersistem dan berlatih sepanjang tahun.

Cagers juga mempunyai rekod akademik membanggakan. Liew dan Q4G menentukan sasaran tertentu. Sesiapa yang gagal memenuhinya tidak dibenarkan berlatih dan bermain untuk masa tertentu. Pernah dua pemain utamanya tidak diturunkan dalam Piala Hamdan Tahir peringkat zon kerana gagal satu kertas peperiksaan.

Q4G menyediakan tuisyen oleh guru dari luar untuk Cagers bagi subjek lemah SPM. Liew sendiri memberi tuisyen Bahasa Inggeris, Matematik dan Sains untuk Penilaian Menengah rendah (PMR). Pemain senior digalakkan membantu pemain junior.

Rekod SPM Cagers ialah pada 2005 apabila dua orang mendapat 101A, iaitu kaptennya dan pemain terbaik Piala Hamdan Tahir, Ahmad Amirul Hafidz Ab Rahman, adalah pelajar terbaik Malaysia dalam kategori itu dan Ketua Murid, Ahmad Khalis Nazib.

Bagi Liew ini mempengaruhi Cagers dan Q4G, bola keranjang bukan untuk MCKK saja. Liew mahu mutu bola keranjang meningkat. Justeru, beliau melatih Sekolah Tun Fatimah (STF) dan membantu Sekolah Menengah Sains Pokok Sena, Sekolah Menengah Sains Sultan Mahmud (SESMA) dan mulai Julai ini, Kolej Tunku Kurshiah (TKC).

Yang menariknya, dalam bola keranjang perempuan SBP Piala Hajah Zainab tahun ini yang diadakan serentak dengan Piala Hamdan Tahir itu, dua didikannya, iaitu SESMA, berjaya untuk pertama kalinya sampai ke separuh akhir, manakala, STF, selepas 16 tahun kemarau johan, berjaya menewaskan Sekolah Seri Puteri (SSP), iaitu kuasa utama bola keranjang perempuan SBP, dalam perlawanan akhir.

Ini bermakna tahun ini, Liew mengetuai juara berganda, iaitu MCKK dan STF – satu sejarah yang pertama kali terlakar.

Sesungguhnya, perjalanan Liew membentuk dan memupuk kejayaan Cagers dan kesinambungan Q4G, serta penerimaan orang lain terhadapnya, adalah amalan terbaik yang ulung dalam semangat, pendidikan dan mutu kesukanan.

Penulis adalah Pengerusi Akademi Belia yang juga bekas Presiden Majlis Belia Malaysia (1998-2002)

Girls do school proud

Excerpt from The Star, Saturday June 9th, 2007

Apart from their excellent academic performance, the students of Sekolah Tun Fatimah, Johor Baru, also stole the limelight when the school's basketball team emerged champion in the national inter-full boarding schools' games.

Its captain, Norfarahain Ahmad Baharuddin, was also named the best player.

Hotshots: Halimah (centre) posing with the basketball team members.
The school was the champion for the Piala Toh Puan Datin Hajjah Siti Zainab when women basketball was included in the games in 1976 and had won trophy in the ensuing four years and also in 1990 and 1991.

The return of the trophy cup after a 16-year absence has definitely brought joy to everyone at the school.

Headmistress Halimah Shaaban express pride at the students' feat.

“These girls have shown strong fighting spirit.”

The basketball team received its prizes from Johor Education director Mokhy Saidon at the presentation ceremony at SM Sains here recently.

Norfarahain said she hoped to play as good as the characters in the i“Slam Dunk” cartoon series.

Although the 17-year-old said she had thought of giving up the game to concentrate on her studies, she finally stayed on and was glad she did.

In the Boys’ category, Kuala Kangsar Malay College retained the championship title for the fourth consecutive year.

The team defeated SM Sains Seremban 103-62 in the final of the Piala Tun Dato’ Haji Hamdan Sheikh Tahir.

Monday, June 4, 2007

We are the new Champion!

Bila makan tak kenyang, tidur tak lena, mandi tak basah, tandanya Dynamites are well prepared untuk ppm final. K.Spena repeatedly bagitau kitorang that her batch dah pernah menang tahun 1991 and if kitorang menang this year, it would be like menebus kekalahan 16 tahun kekalahan STF. K.Hana and K.Spena keep saying that Dynamites ’06 is the ‘Almost Champion’ team. But this year we want to b the ‘Champion’ team!!!
The night b4 final, we all had final briefing with Mr. Liew, coaches, Srikandis, old boys and Cagers. Mr. Liew btol2 tekankan on our defend system. B4 tido, K.Spena ingatkan kitorang to visualize of what to do in the game and get the feeling of winning 2morow.

I cant sleep well that nite. Asyik terbangun je. We woke up early and cepat2 siapkan diri. Before bertolak ke basketball court SAKTI we all semua baca doa dulu and nyanyi lagu sekolah. And have some mental preparation. At that time, rasa nervous but Tun Fatimah’s fighting spirit is always with us. Eventually, the battle begun. The 1st 3 minutes, SSP score their 1st 3 points. I saw diorang memang overconfident giler boleh menang. 1st quarter, SSP lead 9-4. we were really shocked but we keep on fighting and focusing on the defend system. eventhough our offence agak teruk, but that was our good defend system ever. I manage to recall all of our penat lelah practices and sacrifices to be more focus. Our defend system was very tight. They can’t even get through. Mr. Liew keep on telling us to tighten up our defense. Alhamdulillah that day we listen to the instruction very well (fuh…finally….).
the game was really intense. Even though we lead the game on the 2nd quarter, the opponent betul2 tried to kejar. All through the game, the supporters bagi semangat and cheer kuat giler kat luar semata-mata untuk naikkan semangat kitorang. Suddenly, preeeeeeeeeet….. masa tamat. Tiba2 je Nampak K.Hana, K.Nik Azizah, K.Rus and others dah lari2 terkam kitorang, shouting, screaming, jumping. Semua nak peluk kitorang yang busuk giler ni.kitorang dah menang!!!!! STF-SSP, 42-39.
Alhamdullillah.. Segala penat lelah dah terbalas dengan kemenangan ni. We know we deserve it.

I on behalf of my teammates would like to thank our coaches, Mr. Liew, K.Spena, and coach Halim for all their tireless support and believing in us. Tak lupa juga to K.Ana Jabbar ’80, K.Hana ‘91, K.Nik Azizah ’00, K.Rus ’05 and Dynamites ‘06 yang came down all the way to Bandar Penawar yang hujung dunia ni and all the Srikandis out there yang banyak doakan kejayaan kami and also not to forget MCOBA yang sokong kitorang especially Abg. Ise, Cikgu Jimi, Dr.Aidi, Dr.Nase and ex-Cagers. thank you once again for your moral support. To R2V team, without you we couldn’t possibly gone this far.

To Bonda, this victory is our farewell gift since Bonda dah nak bersara and to all Srikandis, TF Dynamites proudly dedicate this Piala Toh Puan Zainab untuk semua especially K.Hana, this is your birthday gift from us.

Written by,
a.k.a ANIS SALEHA…. Hehe..

Sunday, June 3, 2007

R2V Year 2 Roundup: A Heartfelt Thank You

Salam & Dear Srikandis,

My family got back home from HSKBP 2007 yesterday evening. Too tired (gruelling heat for 5 days!) to write anything. Also, apologies for the short replies to most smses after our victory over SSP. I probably didn't reply to some msgs kot... Thank you once again for the support, prayers & wishes.

For the record, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to the following people:

Warga STF (Pn Pengetua, PKs, Guru-guru, Pemandu, Wardens) yg telah memberi sokongan jitu kepada R2V. Saya tahu ada kalanya idea R2V memang pelik & sukar difahami - membawa pasukan lelaki menjalani kem intensif di STF atau berkampung di MCKK untuk menyertai kem yang sama? Kenapa? R2V percaya Dynamites perlu melihat & merasa sendiri apa CHAMPION team sanggup lalui untuk kekal JUARA. Cikgu Ita, pls sampaikan ucapan penghargaan kami kepada semua yg terlibat, ya.

Mr. Liew: No words can express how I grateful I am for your MAGIC TOUCH in transforming the girls team within one season. Many occassions you expressed your challenges to coach a girls' team (easy to yell, scold & walkout at boys but girls??? ). Anyway, you did GREAT SIR! I was amazed at times, you called for time out during crucial moments not to tell them strategies but just to ask them to take a deep breath to settle down. Your wisdom during crucial moments to lead the team to victory is incredible! When Ise introduced you as 'Tok Bomoh' the first time I met you mid-2003 proves to be appropriate- you read opponent's game correctly & predicted precisely what they will do & you quickly came out with a strategy to counter what they did. Not many coaches have that ability.

Coach Halim: What is an MC oldboy doing in STF?? I suspect you agreed to help in coaching the team for one of the following reasons: 1. love for basketball or 2. a request from Mr. Liew 3. only you know... For whatever reason(s), I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. All your sacrifices between lectures & going to STF court during the weekdays. Pls also thank your wife, Nurul & children for sharing their father with so many girls. Their support means a lot to us too. We hope you all will continue to be R2V family...

MCOBs Alep'06 & Que'05: Thank you for helping the Dynamites eventho both of you were at times MALU to speak semasa coaching them in the absence of Mr. Liew or K.Spena. You did great!

SK Spena: You have been my right wing in realising R2V dreams. Your dedication & sacrifices towards this project are awesome! You sanggup spent your Fridays chasing the buses in Puduraya, slept on the bus to JB and again chased the buses in Larkin Sunday evenings to be in KL on Monday mornings to get back in the office. At times, you passed your frustrations to me for the delays or bus rosak ;-))) You never bothered applying sunblock like most ladies because winning is everything to you. I'm glad you were there to receive the cup this year as a coach. In 1991, you held the cup as a player ;-)

SK Hana: If Spena is my right wing, you have always played the role as my left wing.. Lifting me up towards our R2V goals. Whenever, I was unavailable, u always stepped in to do what needed to be done. No complaints uttered! All along 'Ok, kak...' You understood I have two teams with 100 children to handle eventho you have not been a mother. At times, Safina & you helped me with my own children or MC Cagers too..

Presidents & Excos SKTF 05/07 & 07/09, thank you for trusting my leadership in R2V. My requests from the association (Srikandi Tun Fatimah) have been granted each and everytime without much questions. I feel good each time Treasurer, Vice Presidents tanya, 'K.Ana, R2V ada cukup duit tak? Beritahu whatever amount yang you need...' Knowing this at the back of my mind, made me more motivated to lead this cause. President baru (K.Mariamah) lagi agresif.. As soon as she took over, she said this to me, "How much R2V needs a year? We look for the money..." I told her about SKTF sponsoring a room di K.Tinggi for Srikandis yg ingin menyokong, she said, "Never mind, I'll pay for the room." Thank you K.Mariamah!

All Srikandis yg telah memberi words of encouragements, prayers, support in whatever ways (jurugambar, tukang jahit capsters, webmaster, driver Dynamites, in-house pharmacist, doctor, tutors, counselor, food contributors, etc...) I cannot thank you all more...

To the generous Srikandis I must thank you for the financial support. Money Talks.. without money we couldn't do much. Semoga Allah sahaja yang boleh memberi lebih rezeki to all of you... Ada juga Srikandi yang I terpaksa jawab, " I think you have contributed enough for the year. Let others do their part pulak. If I still tak cukup, I'll let you know & then baru you contribute lagi.." (you know who u r)

We managed to run the project with lesser amount of money compared to the first season because two major intensive camps were held in SESMA (Dec) & STF (1st school break '07). We saved a lot of money on accomodation. I apologise if I have missed some of the names. Pls update me for the record. I know Hana, Spena & a few others memang tak ter'rekod personal expenses.' Halal aje ke?

Ise '80: my dear husband whom introduced me to basketball during our days in USA. Brought me to MCKK end 2003 for an intensive camp & introduced me to the players - some so small I wondered if they were really basketballers? How wrong I am when one of the 'little boys' turned out MVP this year. Great play & Congratulations Em (Mohamad)! Tq Dear for understanding my drive to help the Dynamites & for being very supportive towards R2V. We have became expert on managing 100 children ;-) We shared our ups/downs in realising Q4G & R2V. We kept each other motivated to not loose sight of our goals. Last year, when MC came out Champ & STF became runner-up, I was happy. Not too bad for setahun jagung R2V. Itu pun menumpang Q4G sikit-sikit. But when Q4G & R2V became a BIG family, the double victories made me TRULY ???? not sure what words to use. So, shall we do it again for another year?

MCOBs - Dr. Aidi, Jimmy, Azran & wife, Latiff & family (coach SESMA), Dr. Nase (coach SMS Machang), Azhar '80 & children, Kaio '80, Dato Sarp & Datin Lyn, Kushai '80, Ikram & family (Kuala Terengganu), Alep, Mijie, Gto, Qassim, Que & ramai lagi yang tolong jerit & sokong dalam tent while STF was trying to steal the cup from SSP. Tanpa suara you all, manalah cukup jeritan dari Srikandis pagi tu?

MC Cagers - Thank you for inspiring the Dynamites to be a champ like you guys. I think you have shown them the way. Also Rahmat & Cagers, don't worry about Sir paid attention to the girls; I could see he's very passionate about his Cagers much more :-)

Warga The Malay College - Tn Pengetua (En Rauhi), PKs (Cikgu Roslan, Cikgu Fairuz, Cikgu Shamsudin), Guru-guru/Wardens, pemandu (En Megat, En Annas): terima kasih daun keladi kerana memberi kebenaran TF Dynamites berkampung di MC & menumpang bas MC bila perlu. Cikgu Fairuz, tlg sampaikan ucapan kami kepada semua di Kolej.

Maka tamatlah 'Return-2-Victory' musim ke 2. Insyallah, jika di panjangkan umur & Srikandi sekalian sanggup memberi sokongan kepada pasukan R2V, kita ketemu lagi di musim ke 3 untuk mempertahankan kejuaraan di tahun 2008 di Jitra, Kedah. Srikandi di kawasan Kedah/Perlis, BERSEDIA!!

Maju maju maju segera maju
Berbaris menempuh rintangan
Tun Fatimah maju sama maju
Mencapai cita-cita
Dan harapan ibu pertiwi
Kamilah penuntut Tun Fatimah
Mendukung cita-cita yang suci
Bergerak maju cita dituju
Di bawah semangat dan urat nadi

Ana Abd-Jabbar '80
Coordinator 'R-2-V'