Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lunch time IS the time

Nowadays, every moment seems to be important and urgent. Sigh. It is hard to be a grown up, isn't it?

Looking back, I remember the time when I thought life was difficult because I had to complete a pile of homework and had to go without my afternoon nap since I [or shall I say we?] had to go for prep. Yes, it was difficult but it was somewhat less important. Hehe

I think [for melah kan], the most important time then was when the clock struck 1 "something something", triggering that big red bell's ringing, indicating that it was lunch time. Especially important was Tuesday: masak lemak cili api on the menu. Perhaps for the Fivers it was not a big deal since they didn't have to share the line with other the other formers but for the lower formers, lunch time was a very big deal. What else could compensate the sorrow of being away from parents and err...fierce looking seniors? Food of course!

Being in the second form meant that we had to share the lunch line with the first formers. My experience was not that pleasant since we were still lacking of etiquette and liked to berebut-rebut to get the senduk. Ok, I have to apologise for mixing the language but I can't help it, it gives me more "feel". Hehe. So anyway, there was this one day when, as usual, the line was long and the day was extremely hot [ok maybe I’m making up some extra effect here but never mind]. Our previous lesson's teacher had also failed to release us early which helps explain how this certain incident happened.

I always think second formers regardless of batch were a bit gangster.

Since the queue was long and we didn't feel like joining it, we, the whole class just cut the line and invaded the rice ... err... the rice pot or bekas nasi.

So, it was my friend [S] who was so brave: she snatched the senduk from a first former who I shall name Q. But Q was not just any first former. She would not let herself be treated that way without a fight. Instead of letting the senduk go, she hardened her grip on it and refused to loosen it. Everyone could see that these girls were obviously fighting over a senduk nasi. This incident went on for a few minutes until Q finally let go of the senduk.

I thought it was over. Yeay, victory to us and we could eat rice with yummy lauk. But to my horror, S who was probably feeling geram, held the senduk high and suddenly knocked the senduk on Q’s head.


I am telling you, I still can hear her yelling the word adoi!

While she was busy rubbing her head, we the second formers, flocked to scoop our share of rice, completely ignoring her and the rest of the first formers.

Yes, I know. It was a mean thing to do. Hehe [ops] but I am not saying I am proud of it. No, of course not, yet somehow when I think of this incident, it will never fail to make me smile.

Today, S is pursuing a master's degree and teaches primary-school kids… and is also a disciplinary teacher [gasp]. She sometimes tells me that now she understands how our teachers felt back then when we decided to take the rules into our hands. What happened to Q, I am not that sure but the last I heard, she is completing her ACCA.

Both of them get along well without any problems. These days.


~Tis§ot~ said...

oit chics, aku rasa aku tau incident nih and ... kenal these two gurls. ahahahaha ... those good ol days huh.

p/s: buruk jugak perangai kite dulu eh

Lily said...

This post made me smile... Yupp I really missed the lunch time (and every moment back in school). My favorite day was when my class had PE class on the last period. It means no changing cloths and we can run as fast as we could to the dinning hall. My favorite lunch was nasi kebab. I miss school!!

azq said...

alamak!! mcm begitu sekali??? keh.. keh.. keh.. *gelak guling* mmg brutalll....

Idlan said...

Jap.. kalau korang form 2.. time tu aku form 5, kan chics? Awat aku tak ingat peristiwa ni? Hahaha

chics said...

~Tis§ot~ - hahaha..yes those good old days!

Lily - nasi kebab is hari ahad btw even in kain biru we i can still run fast :P

azq - demi food, apa pon sanggup, even until now

Idlan - kak idlan, masa form 2 tu manadela nak cite kat senior sangat2kan. kecoh2 satu form jelah.hehe

Lily said...

chics... yes we can still run very fast with the blue sarung. And we have this habit of pulling it up very high.. hehehehhehe