Monday, June 4, 2007

We are the new Champion!

Bila makan tak kenyang, tidur tak lena, mandi tak basah, tandanya Dynamites are well prepared untuk ppm final. K.Spena repeatedly bagitau kitorang that her batch dah pernah menang tahun 1991 and if kitorang menang this year, it would be like menebus kekalahan 16 tahun kekalahan STF. K.Hana and K.Spena keep saying that Dynamites ’06 is the ‘Almost Champion’ team. But this year we want to b the ‘Champion’ team!!!
The night b4 final, we all had final briefing with Mr. Liew, coaches, Srikandis, old boys and Cagers. Mr. Liew btol2 tekankan on our defend system. B4 tido, K.Spena ingatkan kitorang to visualize of what to do in the game and get the feeling of winning 2morow.

I cant sleep well that nite. Asyik terbangun je. We woke up early and cepat2 siapkan diri. Before bertolak ke basketball court SAKTI we all semua baca doa dulu and nyanyi lagu sekolah. And have some mental preparation. At that time, rasa nervous but Tun Fatimah’s fighting spirit is always with us. Eventually, the battle begun. The 1st 3 minutes, SSP score their 1st 3 points. I saw diorang memang overconfident giler boleh menang. 1st quarter, SSP lead 9-4. we were really shocked but we keep on fighting and focusing on the defend system. eventhough our offence agak teruk, but that was our good defend system ever. I manage to recall all of our penat lelah practices and sacrifices to be more focus. Our defend system was very tight. They can’t even get through. Mr. Liew keep on telling us to tighten up our defense. Alhamdulillah that day we listen to the instruction very well (fuh…finally….).
the game was really intense. Even though we lead the game on the 2nd quarter, the opponent betul2 tried to kejar. All through the game, the supporters bagi semangat and cheer kuat giler kat luar semata-mata untuk naikkan semangat kitorang. Suddenly, preeeeeeeeeet….. masa tamat. Tiba2 je Nampak K.Hana, K.Nik Azizah, K.Rus and others dah lari2 terkam kitorang, shouting, screaming, jumping. Semua nak peluk kitorang yang busuk giler ni.kitorang dah menang!!!!! STF-SSP, 42-39.
Alhamdullillah.. Segala penat lelah dah terbalas dengan kemenangan ni. We know we deserve it.

I on behalf of my teammates would like to thank our coaches, Mr. Liew, K.Spena, and coach Halim for all their tireless support and believing in us. Tak lupa juga to K.Ana Jabbar ’80, K.Hana ‘91, K.Nik Azizah ’00, K.Rus ’05 and Dynamites ‘06 yang came down all the way to Bandar Penawar yang hujung dunia ni and all the Srikandis out there yang banyak doakan kejayaan kami and also not to forget MCOBA yang sokong kitorang especially Abg. Ise, Cikgu Jimi, Dr.Aidi, Dr.Nase and ex-Cagers. thank you once again for your moral support. To R2V team, without you we couldn’t possibly gone this far.

To Bonda, this victory is our farewell gift since Bonda dah nak bersara and to all Srikandis, TF Dynamites proudly dedicate this Piala Toh Puan Zainab untuk semua especially K.Hana, this is your birthday gift from us.

Written by,
a.k.a ANIS SALEHA…. Hehe..


azq said...

tahniah buat adik-adik semua. really2 proud of u gals :)

Anonymous said...

congrats all!