Friday, May 29, 2009

TF Dynamite : Game Schedule : SSP Cyberjaya

TF Dynamites will be defending their championship and going for the
third title in a row. This also marks the 4th year of Srikandi
Return-2-Victory project initiated and head by SK Norhana Jabbar '80.

This year tourney will be held at SSP Cyberjaya and will start this Friday 29/5
till 1/6.

The Schedule:

Friday 29/05/09
9.30am :STF vs SEMESTI

Saturday 30/5/09
8.00am :STF vs SMESH
5.00pm :SMSTMFP vs STF

31/5/09 Sunday
11.00am :STF vs SEMASHUR
5.00pm : STF vs SSP

1/6/09 Monday
8.00am or 9.30am depending on the result of the 1st round

5.00pm on 1/6/09 Monday

For the uninitiated, our head coach is Mr Liew Yong Choon who is also
MC Cagers coach. Our coach are En Halim Husein from UTM and En Ihsan
aka Abg Ise (K.AnaJabbar hubby). Both were Mr. Liew's player sometimes
in the 70's.

So girls, don you long sleeve, sun block, cap/topi/payung and brave the
malaysia summer heat to support our girls fight for the tittle. The SSP
girls have been training sooo to get back the championship trophy which
they have lost to us after retaining it for more than 10 years. This
time they mean business - they are the host.

The games will be at SSP court D.

Jangan lupa jugak ajak cik kiah, kak tipah, makcik gayah dan juga semua
kawan2 sepermainan di STF dulu untuk sama-sama menjerit and melompat di
tepi gelanggang. It's surely a huge stress reliever - tak tipu punye.

SK Hana '91

Thursday, May 7, 2009

South Zone Champion ...... again.

Salam Sisters,

Just to officially announce that STF Dynamites has beaten TKC 32-19 during
the final at HKSBP di Mersing. Both schools will represent the south zone
end of this month at Sek Seri Puteri, Cyberjaya.

Thanks to all Srikandi yang menyokong, memberi semangat serta doa sehingga
kita berjaya ke tahap ini. Special thanks to SK Saidah'80 kerana telah
provide accomodation for R2V coaches. Kak Mariamah, thanks for the dinner
treat. Everyone asked me to sampaikan ucapan terima kasih to you.... To the
rest, terima kasih di atas doa-doa..

Will keep you posted on the schedule for the national level finals di
Cyberjaya soon....

Ana Abd Jabbar