Monday, May 28, 2007

Dynamites@HKSBP 2007: Liputan hari pertama & ke 2

This posting is supposed to really make your Monday!

Received an SMS from SK Hanazita on Sunday morning. She wrote:

52 - 34

Now, that's news! That's the opening match. Let's pray harder and patiently wait for more news.

Here's what was written in HKSBP Bulletin on Monday:

** Remind me to ask Hana whether Anis Saleha is a Dynamite basketballer or Kak Anis Saleha herself (who sponsored the jersey).

*** Okay, the picture I received just confirmed that Number 11 was 'penjaring terbanyak' and her jersey was sponsored by Kak Anis Saleha. According to Hana, the reporter published the news without verifying the facts with STF. Owh, that was hilarious, okay. Kak Anis must have been really proud to have her name published in HKSBP bulletin after 20 years graduating from STF. Moral of the story is: Don't forget to sponsor Dynamites' Jerseys in the future, you have no idea what's in store for you. :)

Updated at 10.55 a.m:

From SK Suraya Nafry's (ex-capt 9) email:

Laporan terkini from our camp, SSP probably jest "testing the water" because they sent their 2nd players for this match. So what? We actually sent our 2nd team too! looks like both teams are saving their best players for last..

Updated at 11.27 a.m:

... and we just beat another opponent!!

Updated at 4.09 p.m:

... and another victory for the day! Woohooooooo!!!! You girls did great!

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