Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Preparation for HKSBP (PPM)

Assalamualaikum Srikandi Sekalian,

Untuk makluman semua, HSKBP Zone Selatan akan berlangsung pada bulan April ini di Sek Men Agama Persekutuan, Labu, Negeri Sembilan.Tarikh belum ditetapkan lagi dan akan diberitahu sebaik sahaja dapat confirmation dari pihak sekolah. In preparation for that, R2V sudah pun mula menjalankan latihan yang perlu kerana seperti biasa our challenge is 'membancuh ramuan baru' - pemain Tingkatan 5 2007 meninggalkan kita & a new combination has to be trained based on their skills, size, etc.

'Panel of Coaches' tahun ini, Mr.Liew, Sdr Halim, Sdr Ihsan and Sk Safina sedang bertungkus lumus untuk melatih pemain-pemain untuk tahun ini disebabkan ketiadaan pemain tingkatan 5 tahun lepas. Mr. Liew is actually trying out to form a 2008 team. To test the new combination, we will be participating in JB Open U18 (yang sedang berlansung sekarang hinggan Mac ) dan MSSD JB nanti.

As previous years, our main objective is to win the PTPTZ Cup which will be held from May 24-30th di Sek Men Sains Sultan Abdul Halim, Jitra Kedah. To get to the finals in Kedah, we have to become the champ or runner up for the Zone level. In view of this, I need help from all of you on the following aspects. Kindly pass the words around to your batchmates who are not in the e-group, pls.

a) Sponsor for jersey. Each pair is $80 min. we intend to make only 1 set this year since we can use set lama yang tidak koyak/buruk.

b) Sponsor for players shoes. We managed to get a pair of shoe for $160 (Retail at $259). We think kesian juga budak-budak perlu bayar dari their pocket money. The shoe is rather expensive to some because a good pair like this could last till the finals in May. We are looking for sponsors for the main 15 deserving players. If you are not able to sponsor a pair, pls sponsor sebelah ($80)- kiri or kanan. Kalau nak sponsor whole team pun ok jugak! If a particular batch sponsored the whole team shoes or jerseys especially when that batch celebrate their XX years anniversary - lagi bagus!

c) We have to have an intensive camp during the school holidays from 8-16th March because if we don't, we can't be tip top for the Zone Selatan kerana biasalah if we don't train, stamina menurun & hilang game temperment. In view of that, any amount of CASH would be much appreciated. We are planning to bring the top 15 players only (due to budget). We need about $5000 for food & transportation. We need Mr. Liew's help for that .

d) For the national level in May nanti, ada srikandi yang menetap di Jenan (daerah Kubang Pasu) boleh volunteer rumah or bilik utk R2V (2 or 3 person )? We also need help if you could recommend an apartment, homestay or hotel yang berdekatan dgn SEMSAH. Any Srikandi would like to come to support?

Should you need more information, pls do not hesitate to contact us at either iseana@gmail.com, hanazita@gmail.com or safinaalfian@yahoo.com . Kindly deposit your contribution to Laila Mehat MBB Account: 564810050031.

Thank you and hope to get continous support from everyone.

We hope to be the CHAMP again for this year's PTPZ, insya Allah.

Written by SK Ana Jabbar 80
Updated by SK Spena 91
On behalf of R2V.
Some pictures which were taken during the "Introduction to Basketball " session for the F1 recently in STF.


~Tis§ot~ said...

To the girls, good luck and break a leg.

go for the champ!

To the coaches... u guys are the best. Keep up the great work.


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Sardi Ghazali said...

hebatlah korang ni...
boleh main basketball lagi...

Ron Jerem Lee said...

i always wonder why people like to dressed up green. sometimes green color baju makes a person look like ninja turtle!