Thursday, December 6, 2007

Laila , Namamu Teratas.

Last Saturday, we (Batch 77) had a very small get-together at Dr. Hairuszah's house in Taman Maluri. Since I don't drive and dont know the way to Zah's house, I was told by Zah to follow Laila Alias. We met at Tesco Shah Alam and we went together.
I wrote a few lines about Laila as I know her then and now. I am putting this up in srikandi blog with the hope that somebody junior would read it and smile with me.

Here it is .

Laila , Namamu Teratas.

The first person that made friends with me the first day I joined MAB was Norlaila Said, a very pregnant lady from Pahang. We stayed friends till today. We were separated for a while when I had to work in the finance department and later to the Carpark Management in KLIA while she stayed in Subang Airport. Lucky her! I had to travel daily to KLIA for 6 years..and grew bigger along the way…he he he..I got my second chin while snoring on the bus! Later when I was transferred back to HQ in Subang, we got close again.

I can tell her anything and everything. Monday morning is never complete if I don't see and tell her of the weekend happenings. Everything dari cerita luar hingga hal-hal dalam kain, semuanye dia tahu, that's the level of friendship that we have. And I trust her completely. Nothing bad about me came out of her mouth and my secrets are safe with her. Best kan ada kawan gitu! And when the song 'Laila namamu teratas' by Amy Search became popular, I sang it to her. She just smile..

And, the first person that I got to know in this world is also a Laila. She was my mother. She used to tell me of the dreams she always had that really delighted her and me. She was beautiful and energetic and I miss her so much. When she was in Hospital KL, down with cancer the nurses there nicknamed her 'Laila Manja' and she liked it. Hhmmm..

And one Laila Alias from STF batch 77 asked me two days ago 'How close were we when we were in STF?' ha ha ha…This is the teratasest of my Laila's question! I laughed and Laila continued 'I know that I was very strict and very quiet back then'. Holding her hand, I don't have the heart to tell her that thirty years ago , in STF I tried my best to steer clear from her way!

But this Laila that greeted me in the Shah Alam Tesco parking area is a different person altogether. She talked and talked all the way to Dr. Hairuszah's house in Taman Maluri (for our batch get-together) that I could barely say anything at all. I enjoyed hearing her talking. Her mixed Malay-English was like a song to my ears. Dear God almighty…people do changed. I never imagined her as such a talkative lady.

So Laila Alias…Namamu kini teratas!

SK Hasnah Khalid

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