Friday, July 20, 2007

Jemput datang

Treasure Hunt event

Flag off : Saturday 21st July 2007 - 8am, In front of Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad
Closing/Prize Giving Ceremony - Saturday 21st July 2007 - 5pm, Cafe @ Eye on Malaysia

Come join us!


Anonymous said...

Your so called "treasure hunt" was a total disaster ! We supported your cause this year because we had a good time last year. My advise, if you ever going to hold another one next year, for goodness' sake, get somebody who is more "profesional".

Leymah Giggs said...

Thank you for your kind advice. We'll look into this matter. Perhaps you could join us again next year.

Anonymous said...

A few teams decided to pull out because of the very bad organisation.

We were given cheques by ERNIE JUMAYLA to refund our money, and not surprisingly, the cheque bounced. I suggest you look into this. STF's name has been smeared.

You can be sure this is not the last you'll be hearing about this. A group of us will be taking collective action against the responsible parties.

Anonymous said...

We want our money back! This is cheating!!

Katak said...

What a scam. Thought STF was a school for bright girls.
Why am I not surprised?

theteamthatgotpunk'd said...

ERNIE JUMAYLA has never changed! she has brought bad names to the alumni... i suggest you ladies should do something on this!!! we are hurt to bones!!! no wonder, there were not many ex-stfians joined the hunt - prob'ly they never like ernie!

srikanditunfatimah said...

Dear all,
Thank you for the comments and advice. The alumni really regret this double mishap.
The alumni has brought this matter to EXCO meeting and we will work together with Srikandi Wawasan on resolving this issue. Please give us some time to sort a few things out.

Anonymous said...

erney are cheating person!!!staff salary she didnt pay anything..let sue her!!!

日月神教-任我行 said...